Let me share this with you:
We all have a history, a history that is unique to us, and only us. You’ve got yours, and I’ve got mine. What’s unique and special is, the history that each of us possesses, is part of what makes us personally significant, and important. I’ll repeat, personally significant, and important. It starts inside, with SELF IMPORTANCE. It starts with the VALUE that each and every one of us has, and puts in ourselves.

For me, a 40 year career in television broadcast news was highlighted by hard work, team work, and building upon the positives within myself and those working around me. It all started with me, and the fact that those around me saw my dedication to be successful, each and every day.

I truly believe we all want to be successful, and that goes for the smallest tasks, or our ultimate objectives at home, at work and in life. I’d like to help you and your group realize that success can be achieved with the people. resouces and the tools that you have, if each person involved realizes their importance to the common goal. It all starts within each team member. It all starts with the VALUE that they possess, and that person realizing that value.


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